About Us

At Audiosigns our mission is to put an end to sign-apathy and revolutionise how effectively a sign delivers its message.  Warning signs have been used by the Safety, Health and Environmental industries for many years to alert workers and the public to the hazards and dangers they may encounter.  Unfortunately, when a sign is seen regularly, the impact of its message is reduced significantly; people suffer from Familiarity Sign Blindness. Audible signs, which use a combination of visual images and sound, are six times more effective at changing compliance behaviour, than ‘standard’ signs which only use visual information. Now we’re talking

The new voice of Health and Safety

Hazard warning signs become far more effective at changing behaviour when the message is also spoken –                    “ DANGER! – HIGH VOLTAGE “  or   ” CAUTION!  WEAK ROOF. ”  or     WARNING – TOXIC HAZARD” 

Mandatory instruction signs, such as PPE signs and COVID notices, are not missed when the message is also audible. “ HARD HAT, BOOTS and HIGH VIS VEST MUST BE WORN ON SITE ”   or   ” PLEASE MAINTAIN YOUR SOCIAL DISTANCE AT ALL TIMES AND WASH YOUR HANDS REGULARLY 

Prohibition signs have greater impact when the message is delivered audibly and with authority. “ WARNING! – NO UNAUTHORISED PERSONNEL BEYOND THIS POINT. ”    or   “ STOP!  YOU ARE NOW BEING MONITORED ON CCTV”


Audiosigns tackle the issue of sign blindness by delivering a spoken message or a warning alarm sound when people approach. Audiosigns deliver clear and concise warning messages in dark conditions or when lighting is very poor;  conventional signs are completely ineffective in these conditions.

Automatic operation

Audiosigns’ products automatically sense when a person is nearby and only play their messages when someone is within range. The signs continue to deliver their sound message in dark conditions.

Simple to use

Ease of use was priority during development. Simply turn on, set high or low volume and let your Audio Sign do the rest. It couldn’t be easier.

Simple to install

Battery powered, no wiring required. No special tools needed when installing. Mains power capability for use in the busiest locations.


Signs which use additional talking messages are six times more effective than conventional safety signs that only use ‘text and graphics’ visual information.


 An audiosign can be used to play a single message in multiple languages or to play a variety of different sound messages.

NFC (optional )

Near Field Communication. This advanced contactless technology enables an audiosign to communicate a wealth of additional information via a smartphone’s display.