The new voice of Health and Safety

In 2016, Audiosigns developed an innovative solution to tackle the issue of sign blindness and to improve safety, health and environmental outcomes in the workplace and public spaces. Audiosigns deliver verbal messages or alarm sounds which reinforce the text and graphical information used on conventional signs. When sound and visual information are used together, a sign becomes six times more effective than a sign which only uses visual information.  Now we‘re talking.”

Bringing signage to life to save lives.  audiosigns are the new voice for health and safety. For more info get in touch.

Audible signs which use sound and visual information improve compliance behaviour six times more effectively than conventional signs which just use visual information such as text and pictograms.


Audiosigns tackle the issue of sign blindness by delivering a spoken message or a warning alarm sound when people approach. Audiosigns deliver clear and concise warning messages in dark conditions or when lighting is very poor;  conventional signs are completely ineffective in these conditions.

Automatic operation

Audiosigns’ products automatically sense when a person is nearby and only play their messages when someone is within range. The signs continue to deliver their sound message in dark conditions.

Simple to use

Ease of use was priority during development. Simply turn on, set high or low volume and let your audio sign do the rest. It couldn’t be easier.

Simple to install

Audiosigns’ products are battery powered. No wiring is required, no special tools are needed when installing.  Audiosigns’ products can also be mains powered if required.


Audible signs, with talking messages, are six times more effective than first-generation safety signs which only use ‘text and
graphics’ visual information.


Multiple different messages can be stored on one sign. Sound messages can be played back in several different languages for example. Signs have 8 minutes of sound storage capacity.

NFC ( Optional )

Contactless Near Field Communication technology enables audiosigns to communicate a wealth of additional Safety, Health and Environmental information via a smartphone’s display