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The issue of Sign Blindness is well known to Safety, Health & Environmental ( SHE ) industry professionals –  at Audiosigns we call this issue sign-apathy and in 2016 we developed products to tackle this problem directly.  Independent research shows that signs which use a combination of visual and sound information are six times more effective than conventional signs which use just text and/or pictograms.

  • 1. Sign fixing area
  • 2. Mounting hole (x4)
  • 3. Rubber cover (Over Power/Volume switch)
  • 4. PIR sensor
  • 5. micro-USB power inlet
  • 6. Mode change button
  • 7. File Change button
  • 8. Speaker grille

Familiarity Sign Blindness is a significant issue throughout the world  – joint research carried out at the University of New South Wales and the University of Plymouth has shown that signs which use sound and visual information are six times more effective, at changing compliance behaviour, than signs which just use text and graphics.

Audiosigns’ products are supplied fully configured with graphical information and sound files loaded; installation is quick and easy. No special tools are required.

We can supply signs with standard health, safety and environmental messages but we also specialise in producing bespoke signs which can directly target any hazard. Audiosigns are ideal for raising awareness regarding the risks associated with the COVID pandemic. We create the signs graphics for you and make the associated sound messages in house too. The limit is your imagination………Get in touch and let us know what you need.




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